Review: Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Stone Cold Touch - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Stone Cold Touch is a re-read for review and refresher to move on to Every Last Breath.


When I first found out about White Hot Kiss I didn’t hesitate to pre-order it and I read it within a week of it’s arrival and I was not disappointed. I instantly fell in love with the cast of characters in The Dark Elements series. Especially with Layla and Roth, and I’m so ecstatic to have them in my life again.


Roth was his usual heart-meltingly charming, tongue in cheek self. And Layla was back with her spunky dry twisted way of describing the sitch. I love that about her, that made me bond with her right away because I tend to use made up words and phrases to show how dire a situation is too. I totally get her, it is very necessary sometimes to add flourish to your words you know. Okay, I won’t forget Zayne, I like Zayne buuut, Roth stole my heart, sorry Zayne. Zayne is really sweet and protective, and any girl would lose their skinny jeans for a hot second with him.


I loved this installment of the series, lot’s going on in there, we see Layla’s distress with Roth’s untimely return to hell when he sacrificed himself for her by taking Zayne’s place. Also Roth surprise return, him pushing her away but not staying away himself and pushing her buttons to no end. Layla was also trying to figure out who or what’s messing with her school this time around. And a chance at having a once impossible dream come true with Zayne. Layla still dealing with her Warden clan not accepting her and being suspicious of her. Even with all this, Layla was still her funny and positive self, she didn’t let her situation break her spirit. This is one of the things I like about JLA’s characters, they always have that strength in adversity thing going on, even if they don’t start out with it, they always end up there in the end. But Layla always came across as very strong willed from the git go and I can see her getting even more so as the story develops.


Roth was…Roth, provokingly amusing as always, constantly teasing or pushing Layla into imagining punching him in the family jewels. A flirt, he is such a charmer, so deceptive is the prince of hell with his charm, better the charming side I say. And lest not forget hot as hell, no pun intended. *swoon* He continues to ruffle Stony’s patience, and hatred for him. (Shaking head from left to right, smiling). Still protecting Layla and keeping secrets from her. *sigh* By the way, I would reeeally love to have, even just one of his familiars. Maybe Bambi, or even Bluebell or Flower. Man talk about how badass that would be.


Well it’s obvious how much Zayne loves Layla, but I don’t like how over protective he is and how he’s in denial or maybe he knows but don’t want to admit it to her how his father feels about her. He also seem to have accepted her for who or what she is, more than even she does herself, so that’s good.


I liked how the story is progressing and seeing Layla gets more kickass everyday, Roth more good, even though he would deny it, and seeing how Zayne is a positive influence in Layla’s life, especially when she needs it most. ♥


Overall, I really enjoyed Stone Cold Touch, I knew I would from the first page because it never seems to fail that I will find myself grinning ear to ear on page one if not page two of a JLA book. How does she do it?