Review: Broken (LOST #1) by Cynthia Eden

Broken (Last Option Search Team) - Cynthia Eden

Broken was great, I can tell I’m going to love following these damaged, but heroic characters of the Last Option Search Team. This first book follows Ex-Seal and Lost founder Gabe Spencer’s and Eve Gray’s story. I loved them both.


Eve didn’t know who she is or was and is searching for her identity both real and metaphorically. Eve was found badly wounded and suffering from amnesia and decided to seek out the Lost team to help put the pieces of who she really is together.


Gabe, well I didn’t feel Gabe was searching for anything a that moment he met Eve, I think Eve was a surprise for him. I get the feeling he was just wallowing in his pain and not actively living, he had his own horrific past to contend with and I can see that’s why he might have come across as so detached at first. But as his interactions with Eve became more frequent I can see him showing more emotions, especially when it came to his protectiveness of her.


As for the suspenseful parts of this story, I will say Ms. Eden was definitely trying to mess with my head. I was going back on forth on who I think the serial killer and all around psycho was. Oh, it’s him, no, maybe it’s him, okay, okay, it’s definitely him. Alright fine, I give up, who the heck is it? Well all I can say is I was right it was one of my choices, I knew it! What a sneaky little minx you are Ms. Eden. Also I did get that feeling of anger (in an entertaining what the heck is wrong with people kind of way) I always get when I read books about psychotic people, the things that they have going on in their head makes me so puzzled. Crazy psychos! That’s probably an oxymoron.


One of the things I loved and was also surprised about with this book was how honest both Eve and Gabe was about their feelings for the other, right from the beginning, especially on Eve’s part. Really, they were so amazingly honest with each other, no secrets. Refreshing. Broken was a wonderful start to what I can see will be an explosively fantastic series.