Review: Sin by Sharron Riddle

Sin - Sharron Riddle

Sin is an explosion of paranormal lore packed into one action filled book. The stories focus was mainly on the Fae/Fey, but there was a bit of Mythology, and Wraiths, Dragons, Priestesses, Druids, Elves, and oh, can’t forget, Zombies. Yes, all that and a little bit of a love triangle too. We also had some of the most blatantly arrogant people I’ve ever come across, which surprisingly I ended up liking a lot. Go figure. Then we have Sin, our heroine, she was a bit rough around the edges, which made her interesting and a good protagonist that carried the story well. I didn’t take well to her anger and immaturity, even though it was clear that she did suffer a terrible experience and as it turns out her anger had a lot to do with what she is. But I thought she was a little too angsty.


What else did we get? Oh yeah, this story was go, go, go, from the get go. Pun intended. The meat of the story took only two days, the entire story would have been two days, if there wasn’t such an unexpected twist at the end. Time Travel, yes I forgot time travel. Those two days that the story took place over were so long, with a lot of added info that made the plot get a little lost. Although, there was so much happening that I didn’t even realize that I was still on the first day of the story until it was pointed out. The action and Sin’s adventures were certainly attention grabbing.


As they say in many book reviews, there was so much happening that I don’t want to give it all away. Overall, I liked this book, it’s always interesting to see different takes on popular paranormal and fantasy lore’s and Sin gave me a boatload of that. There were too many editing issue to ignore, but I was already enjoying the story so I tried not pay much attention to that, a lot of missing prepositions for one. Maybe it was a formatting issue? Sin was a spur of moment read, surprise surprise I was drawn in by that cover. I thought it was very striking and attention grabbing, which was also true for the story inside the cover.